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Travel Guide Kemer

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HOMEPAGEBLOGTravel Guide Kemer
Travel Guide Kemer

Travel Guide Kemer

Kemer is a picturesque town not far from Antalya. This is an ideal place for the beach rest. Favorable climatic conditions are ideal for a holiday on the coast of the Mediterranean. This city also has a rich historical heritage.

You can see the ruins of Hadrian's Gate, ancient stones of tombs and the ancient dam in the region called Olympos. The small village called Myra in Lycia will introduce you to the history of the life of Saint Nicolas. If you decide to visit Kekova Bay, you will have the opportunity to see buildings from the times of the Roman Empire. More entertainment awaits the tourists in a nature reserve of the Dalaman River. Here is a large aqua park, numerous aquariums and lakes, and visitors can watch unique turtles there.

A famous center of ancient culture, Ephesus, is not far away. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Temple of Artemis, is located right there. There is also the Chapel of the Virgin in town. Don't forget to visit the Pamukkale Hierapolis, the ruins of the Roman buildings, which are also home to numerous tombs and monuments called "the City of the Dead".

The most favorite pastime for tourists remains a jeep safari. Tour routes pass through the mountainous terrain. You can freely enjoy the beauty of nature, view the magnificence of mountain streams and see the breathtaking landscape view from mountain peaks. In the local mountain villages opened many museums and shops. Cruise enthusiasts can have a cruise on a yacht. You can see the main sights of the city and its surroundings, which are located on the coast, visit the most beautiful bay, try scuba diving and taste local dishes. The beaches provide all the necessary conditions and equipment for diving. Moreover, the sea here is still and calm.

There are many archaeological areas in Kemer. One of the most famous is the Phaselis region. Here travelers can see the ruins of an ancient city, which was founded in the 7th century by settlers from the island of Rhodes. The city thrived until the 13th century, when it was completely destroyed in the following earthquake. Today in the archaeological area, you can see fragments of the remaining fortified walls, as well as the old basilica.

A very bright symbol of the city is the Clock Tower - a large white stone turret in Ataturk Square. The tower's tall spire is visible from many surrounding areas. There are many interesting sights around the square. Here you can admire the singing fountains, which are most interesting to view after dark. Once a week, a noisy bazaar is organized in the square, where you can buy popular national products, spices and handicrafts.

Anyone who likes to relax outdoors is popular with the park with the romantic name Moonlight. It is very large and well maintained. In the territory of this park you will find a place to relax for every taste. There is a children's playground with all kinds of attractions, as well as a dolphinarium and concert squares with regular entertainment. There are also wonderful places for a secluded vacation, where you can relax in silence and admire exotic plants.


The ethnographic Yoruk Park invites travelers to learn about the traditions and culture of the local people. It is styled as a classic settlement of the Yoruk tribe, who inhabited the highlands hundreds of years ago. In each cabin of this museum, interesting exhibits are presented in the open air: household items, national costumes, handicrafts and weapons. There are several craft workshops in the park, where you can observe the work of masters and learn how to make some crafts yourself.

An excellent natural landmark of the region is Mount Yanar Tash, which is known to many travelers by the unofficial name of Burning Stone Mountain. On the slopes of this mountain there are several sources of flammable gases, so there is always a flurry of fire. The local people have many legends related to the amazing mountain. Traditionally, it has been considered the home of a fire-breathing monster, the Chimera.


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