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Kemer: beach, nightlife and shopping on the Turkish coast

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HOMEPAGEBLOGKemer: beach, nightlife and shopping on the Turkish coast
Kemer: beach, nightlife and shopping on the Turkish coast

Kemer: beach, nightlife and shopping on the Turkish coast

Kemer is a tourist place in Antalya province. It is about 45 minutes drive from the city of Antalya and about an hour and 15 minutes from Antalya International Airport. Until a few decades ago, Kemer was an insignificant fishing village. As has often happened under the influence of tourism, Kemer has also been transformed into a seaside resort where now mainly money is earned from tourism. Compared to a number of other Turkish cities, Kemer is still relatively limited in size. It is estimated that about 30,000 inhabitants now live in Kemer. However, the number of hotel beds is much larger, which means that in high season Kemer suddenly has more than a hundred thousand people within the city limits. Kemer has a sophisticated image. This is partly due to the higher average quality of the hotels (it is said) and Kemer's nightlife. This place is hip and happening. This does affect the prices you pay for food and drinks in Kemer. These are on average slightly higher than in the average seaside resort in Turkey.

Anyone who visits Kemer now cannot imagine that until the 1960s Kemer was only accessible by boat. Partly thanks to funding from the World Bank, a good infrastructure has been created and the development of tourism has begun. The fact that Kemer has developed quite recently is also clearly visible in the way the streets are built. When building the streets, good account has been taken of the construction of hotels and the processing of the large amount of tourists who come here during the summer season.

Anyone who is going to celebrate a holiday in Kemer should keep in mind that, apart from the beach, going out and shopping, there is hardly anything to do in the city. The number of sights and attractions in Kemer is also very limited. The town simply lacks a cozy historical core or other highlights that it can fall back on. If you really want to do something, you cannot avoid booking excursions or going out with your rental car.

Beydaglari Mountains

The Beydaglari Mountains surround Kemer. This vast mountain area not only ensures that Kemer has a beautiful panorama from the water, it is also a great area for excursions. For example, you can undertake hiking trips accompanied by a guide, you can participate in jeep safaris through the mountains and you can take a cable car up to enjoy the beautiful view of the area and the Mediterranean Sea.

Kemer marina

Kemer marina has a capacity of 320 yachts. Because the marina is closed off to passers-by by means of gates and access security, the liveliness that you often find in a number of other marinas does not prevail here. If you are looking for tour boats and boats doing diving excursions, Moonlight Bay is the place to be. On the north side of this bay the boats are waiting for you for an excursion.

Nomad Park Yörükü Parki

Yörükü Parki is one of the few sights in Kemer. It is a recreated nomad village, so that tourists can see how people still lived here until well into the twentieth century. You pay a small entrance fee at the entrance, after which you have actually seen the entire nomad park in about ten to fifteen minutes. You can see how a nomad woman bakes bread in the traditional way. In the associated cafeteria you can order dishes with this bread. The terrace gives a nice view of both beaches of Kemer.

Beaches of Kemer

Kemer has two beaches. The hotels are mainly located on the elongated and fairly narrow city beach. This beach is located north of the marina. The beach mainly consists of pebbles and larger stones. There is hardly any public beach here. Almost every stretch of beach belongs to hotels or a beach club. As a hotel guest, you automatically lie on the stretch of beach that belongs to your hotel. These names are indicated above the entrances to the beach. A nicer beach is the more southern Aysigi Beach. This beach consists of fine gravel with sand. The beach is located on the beautiful bay called Moonlight Bay. There is a park along the beach and beach clubs where you can eat and drink. Halfway along the beach, at the bridge, you cannot walk any further. Here starts a private part of the beach where you as a passer-by are abruptly stopped by the guard who is there.


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