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Antalya Airport Transfer Prices

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Antalya Airport Transfer Prices

If you chose Antalya for your holiday, you have the information you need right here in this article! None of us would like to spend our holiday tiredly or take a troubled ride at the end of a nice holiday. Therefore, flying is the  best way to travel among the other transportation options. You can get to the kilometers away locations where you want to reach, in a short period of time.

You have chosen Antalya for the holiday and plane as the transportation vehicle. What about reaching to your accommodation? Essentially, the most difficult part of all types of transportation is the transfer process. After coming all the way with just one vehicle, it is quite tiring to take several rides backwards and forwards until you reach your accommodation. In fact, this situation even affects the quality of your holiday. In this case, 7/24 transfer services which Number One Transfer offers, lend a helping hand to you.

Airport transfer prices differs from company to company. As Number One Transfer family, we offer you solutions with affordable prices. Here are the popular transfer routes and their prices:

* Antalya Airport Alanya Transfer: £ 20
* Antalya Airport Kemer Transfer: £ 32
* Antalya Airport Belek Transfer: £ 23
* Antalya Airport Side Transfer: £ 30
* Antalya Airport Olympos Transfer: £ 51
* Antalya Airport Lara Transfer: £ 18
* Antalya Airport Beldibi Transfer: £ 30
* Antalya Airport Avsallar Transfer: £ 50

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Antalya Airport Transfer Options

If you do not know where and how you are going to your hotel after you land on Antalya Airport, we suggest you to take a look at Antalya Airport Transfer Recommendations. There are a number of options which you can prefer in order to go to your accommodation, we gathered these in a list for you.

  • Taxi: This method is not usually preferred due to the fact that it is pretty expensive.
  • Public Transportation: A trip with public transportation by changing 3-4 vehicles is tiring and very exhausting. Furthermore, it consumes your time a lot.
  • Antalya VIP Transfer: This method is usually preferred by many people. You can reach to your accommodation with this option safely, comfortably and economically.

It is obviously your choice to pick among options we offered whatever you wish for. You can choose the best option for you with cost-benefit analysis.

Antalya Airport Transfer Areas

Here are the destination points from Antalya Airport and their routes:

  • Antalya Airport Alanya Transfer Route: The roadtrip which is 125 kilometers long, takes approximately 1 hour 25 minutes. It is an ideal way for a great start while taking a trip in touch with nature in one of the most beautiful towns of Antalya.
  • Antalya Airport Side Transfer Route: Side which is one of the most distinguished vacation spots of Antalya, is 65 kilometers away from the airport and in the distance of 55 minutes. You would never want to leave again while you are exploring its nature full of unique beauties.
  • Antalya Airport Kemer Transfer Route: Kemer is in the opposite direction of Side. It is  about 60 kilometers from the Airport and the duration of the trip is approximately 1 hour long. It is the right choice for the ones who would like to start enjoying the sea throughout the trip immediately. The journey around the coast will display blue and green in front of you and you will start feeling a glow of peacefulness.
  • Antalya Airport Olympos Transfer Route: Olympos with its ancient city and beaches is a region which embraces all of its guests who both like history, seek adventure and those who want to take a vacation, with its incredible nature. Olympos near Kemer is one of the most popular routes of transfer process. It offers a piece of paradise gardens at the end of the journey around the coast! It is only 43 kilometers away from Antalya Airport and ride to the area takes around  45 minutes.

Number One Transfer: The Definition of High Quality Transfer

Number One Transfer is ready and waiting to glamorize your adventure starting from Antalya Airport  with its friendly staff team and luxurious vehicles. Our company, serving since 2003, is working harder every day for you and your loved ones’ safety and happiness. You can contact us, get information or make a reservation anytime you would like to with our customer services 7/24.

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