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All-inclusive holiday in Turkey? The Most Beautiful Beach Villages

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HOMEPAGEBLOGAll-inclusive holiday in Turkey? The Most Beautiful Beach Villages
All-inclusive holiday in Turkey? The Most Beautiful Beach Villages

All-inclusive holiday in Turkey? The Most Beautiful Beach Villages

Turkey is the ideal place if you want to enjoy the sun, sea, beach and delicious food. I hear all the travel enthusiasts say, don't! It's busy and you don't want to hang out in a hotel, do you? But sometimes it is just wonderful to have to do nothing and just be allowed to. To enjoy the sun and completely unwind. And let Turkey be a country where this is ideally possible. There is no country where the range of ultra all inclusive offers is as large as here. I'm not going to tell you which hotel to choose, but I will tell you which seaside resorts are fun to visit.

Table of Contents

  • All inclusive holiday Alanya
  • All inclusive holiday Marmaris
  • All inclusive holiday Side
  • All inclusive holiday Belek
  • All inclusive holiday Kusadasi
  • All inclusive holiday Bodrum
  • All inclusive vacation Antalya
  • All inclusive holiday Kemer
  • All inclusive holiday Ölüdeniz


All inclusive holiday Alanya

Alanya is the ideal place for those who are looking for a wonderfully relaxing sun holiday and those who want to do something cultural. After a long flight, there is nothing better to plop on the beach from your hotel and chances are you will do so on one of the two most popular beaches. Cleopatra Beach is the most popular beach and is about 3.5km long. The other beach is Konakli beach and the great advantage of this is that many hotels are located on it. No road or anything in between, just straight from your hotel to the beach. The nightlife of Alanya mainly takes place around the harbor. There are a number of large discotheques of which the Robin Hood is the most popular.

One thing to do in Alanya is to visit the castle. The castle stands on top of the hill and can be seen all over the city. Go up the castle walls and enjoy the beautiful view of the city. Do something more adventurous? Then visit the Dim Cave east of Alanya. Here you enter an old cave to take a beautiful route to an inland lake.

All inclusive holiday Marmaris

Marmaris is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Turkey and is also called the Monaco of Turkey. This has mainly to do with the beautiful marina and 9 km long boulevard which can be found here. It is full of luxury yachts, but also with cozy restaurants and bars. In addition, the resort is incredibly popular due to its long beaches, popular nightlife and the beautiful location.

Still want to do something cultural? Then pay a visit to Marmaris Castle. Another nice day trip is to visit the Greek island of Rhodes. Different boats go to this Greek island every day from the harbor.

All inclusive holiday Side

With a four-hour flight you get off at the Turkish resort of Side. The number one reason to travel here is probably the miles of sandy beaches. To the west of the city you will find the ten-kilometer-long beach where you will mainly find many luxury hotels. This makes the beach look like a beach of the hotels. Here you will find many facilities such as beds, umbrellas and restaurants. East of the center you will find the somewhat quieter beach. Here you will find the more authentic Side and, in addition to the hotels that occupy parts of the beach, there are also large areas empty.

Side has a rich history in which it was mainly an important trading city. Not surprising that many beautiful sights can be found here, such as the amphitheater and the temple of Apollo. You can also take a beautiful walk on the Green Canyon. This is a gigantic rock lake with the largest reservoir in Turkey. It is also very nice to visit the waterfalls of Manvagat. More tips read our blog on what to do in Side.

All inclusive holiday Belek

Belek was originally an old fishing village and this atmosphere still prevails in this seaside town. Here you will not find any vibrant nightlife or gigantic sights. Holidaymakers come here for two things and that is peace and quiet and to play golf! In the village you will find many restaurants and large and luxurious all-inclusive hotels. Many located on the beaches so that vacationers can directly access the beach. And the beach here is beautiful! The kilometer-long beach of Belek consists of fine sand and has a slow exit into the sea. Those who don't like the hustle and bustle like in other large Turkish seaside resorts are in the right place here.

Waving is the most important activity in Belek. In and around the resort there are 10 different golf courses, almost all of which have an 18-hole offer. Holidaymakers all over the world travel here every year to hit a ball in the sun.

All inclusive holiday Kusadasi

Kusadasi is a wonderful seaside resort where the tourist and authentic of Turkey come together beautifully. It is slightly smaller than the neighboring Bodrum, but has everything your holiday needs. You can relax here on one of the beaches of the city. The beach in the center is unfortunately very small and especially very busy. Further south you will find Ladies Beach which is a real family sandy beach. In the past, this beach was only accessible to ladies, but now men are also allowed. The beach has a pleasant boulevard where you can find different restaurants, bars and hotels. The beach is about a kilometer long and has a slow ending, so you can easily stand about 25 meters in the water.

Kusadasi is a very nice city if you like a pleasant center. The center consists of the tourist part and the really authentic part. This really sets the city apart from other seaside resorts. In the authentic part you will find many narrow streets that cars cannot pass through. Stroll through the streets and visit one of the tea houses or go to the Bazaar of the city. A very nice trip to make is towards Pigeon Island. Because the island is connected to a dam, you can take a lovely walk here. Here you will find, among other things, a fort with old city walls.

If you want to cool down and do something fun, you can go to one of the four water parks around the city. The water parks are located just outside the center, but you can easily travel here thanks to the many taxis and buses.

All inclusive holiday Bodrum

Bodrum is an attractive seaside resort which is characterized by the white houses, beautiful harbor and beautiful beaches. Young and old have been coming here for years to enjoy the ideal sun holiday. For example, the city has one of the largest open-air nightclubs in the world. In addition, there are an incredible number of cozy bars in the city where you can have a drink until the late hours. Bodrum also has its own beach, but actually the beaches in the area are a lot more beautiful.

At a fifteen minute drive you have Ortakent beach which is a beautiful sandy beach with nice beach bars and lovely sunbeds and umbrellas. A little closer you will find Gumbet beach. The beach can be a bit busy, but it is a lot longer than Bodrum beach.

If you want to know more about Bodrum then it is nice to visit the castle of the city. This castle mainly had to protect the city against pirates and other invaders. Another tradition that can be seen a lot here is the making of flour with windmills. No, not windmills as we know them, but really unique in design. You can already see them on the hills where it is really beautiful at sunset.

All inclusive vacation Antalya

Antalya is another gigantic seaside resort where basically everything you are looking for in a sun holiday. Here culture, nature, relaxation and a pleasant nightlife really come together. Basically everything can be found in and around Antalya, so you can enjoy yourself here without a car. Just outside Antalya you will find the nature park Kurşunlu here you can see the beautiful Düden waterfalls. These falls fall tens of meters and end in a lake. Surrounded by a beautiful jungle, it seems like you are in another world. Back to the city, because this too has an incredible amount to offer. How about the historic center called Kaleiçi. Here you will find the Yivli Minare mosque, which is the most famous mosque in the city. If you want a beautiful view of the city, it is nice to climb the Hıdırlık tower. From here you have a beautiful view over the harbor and the historic center.

The most famous beach in the city is Kaputas Beach. The beach is not very big, but it is one of the most beautiful in Turkey. With its beautiful sandy beach and clear water, it has been popular with tourists for years. A much larger beach is Lara Beach. Here are also all the luxury resorts that offer a piece of Lara Beach to their guests. Here you will find all important facilities such as beach bars, restaurants and water sports.

All inclusive holiday Kemer

It is a short drive from Antalya airport before entering the seaside resort of Kemer. This was once an old fishing village and the seaside resort has not lost its charm. In any case, the location of the village is beautiful among the pine forests. The city center consists partly of a car-free zone. Here you will find many nice shops where you can buy souvenirs and clothing. There are also an incredible number of nice restaurants in the center where you can eat, after which you can visit one of the cozy bars to end with a drink. In general, you will not find gigantic entertainment venues in Kemer like other large Turkish seaside resorts.

Kemer beach consists of two parts. We should mention that many parts of the beach have been claimed by hotels where only their guests are allowed to sit. Where in the past this only happened on the north side of the marina, this is now increasingly also on the south side at Moonlight Bay. If you want to enjoy an optimal beach holiday in Kemer, book a hotel on the beach so that you definitely have a place. It is also useful to know that the beach here does not always consist of sand. You have large parts where it mainly consists of gravel. Water shoes are not a superfluous luxury!

All inclusive holiday Ölüdeniz

Let's end with a much lesser known seaside resort and that is Ölüdeniz. This is truly the undiscovered pearl of Turkey and we think it should stay that way for a long time. While many seaside resorts are overrun with tourists, this is not yet the case with Ölüdeniz. Here you will find real pearly white beaches and azure blue lagoon. Do you love a quiet beach holiday where you still have some privacy then this is the place to go! The Sun City beach is located in a nature reserve, so no buildings may be located here. This makes this beach beautiful to visit and you really have the feeling that you are in the Maldives.

Very nice to visit is the butterfly valley Kelebekler Vadisi. You can reach the valley in just a fifteen minute drive or by boat. In addition to the many butterflies, you can also walk through the nature reserve here and you have points where you have a beautiful view. Don't forget your swimming trunks and bikini, because sometimes you will encounter beautiful beaches on the way.

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