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1- Parties

Website: www.numberonetransfer.com
Agency- Firm: Numberone Travel Turizm San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Online booking based service website and company will be referred to as "Service Provider". The passenger whose name is provided in the online reservation will be referred to as "Customer", together with the other passengers he represents in the same reservation.

2- Issue

This contract is made between the “Service Provider” and the “Customer. The service that the “Service Provider” is taken by creating a reservation registration, and the contents of the service is provided in details on the related pages of the website.

3- Duration of Contract

This contract of business; from the moment the reservation has been approved by the "Service Provider", the reservation shall be terminated upon the execution of the transfer service at the date and time of service indicated by "Customer" on the reservation.

4- Payment and Invoice Information

4.A- Cash Payment in the Vehicle

If cash payment option is selected at the time of booking, "Customer" is obliged to pay the service fee at the time of receiving the service.

The invoice will be delivered in the vehicle if the invoice demand is stated in the Note section of the reservation form.

5- The Procedure of Cancellation, Change and Return

  • "Customer" shall be entitled to a full refund of the service fee if he / she cancels the service more than 24 hours prior to commencement of service.
  • "Customer" will be refunded 75% of the service fee if he / she wants to cancel the service 12-24 hours prior to commencement of service.
  • "Customer" will be refunded 50% of the service fee if he wants to cancel the service 1-12 hours prior to commencement of service.
  • "Customer" shall not be refunded for cancellations made 1 hour prior to commencement of service or in the absence of service. However, a 50% discount is applied for the next transfer request for one way. (In order to be able to apply the discount, "Customer" must inform about the cancellation of the past reservation in the Note section of the new transfer order.)

6- General provisions

The Service Provider will try to divert a different vehicle when the transfer cannot take place due to obstacles to the provision of the service (traffic accidents, traffic jam, mechanical failure, weather disturbance, security precautions, etc.), and the "Customer" will be given status information. If the vehicle cannot be provided, the full service charge will be refunded and a 50% discount will be applied on the one way fare of the next transfer order.

All passengers receiving the transfer service are insured and in case of a possible accident or injury, the health expenses are covered within the limits provided by the insurance policy.

7- Validity

This contract is made up of 7 main items and, if necessary, shall be drawn up in two copies and signed by the parties. In case of disputes arising from the contract, the provisions of the Law 4925 on Road Transportation shall be applied. .... Court and executive offices are authorized for the dispute arising from this agreement. I declare that I have read and agreed to the terms of the contract on behalf of the person (s) and / or my name (s) on the booking form. This statement is valid even if the reservation has been executed and / or accepted by someone else instead of myself. I declare that I have read and understand all of the provisions stated in the Service Contract and "Terms and Conditions" pages, which is organized for our name as the “Customer”, the responsibility of the correctness of my information on the booking form I have sent, the Road Transport Law No. 4925, and the information on the website of the “Service Provider”. 

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