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Kemer - Antalya Airport Transfer

Number One Transfer, which you prefer for the Antalya airport Kemer transfer process, provides a great start for your beautiful holiday.The motivation you will experience during the transfer process will make you even more enjoy the rest of your holiday. We give great importance to safety and security during your comfortable transportation with quality vehicles and this is the most important principle of our company.In order to make you and your loved ones happy, Number One Transfer provides services with all the details in mind. You can see the sun, green and blue at the same time along the beach and prepare yourself for the holiday process.

What is the Distance Between Antalya Airport and Kemer?

The distance between Antalya Airport and Kemer is 59.8 km. With Number One Transfer's latest model vehicles, this distance is taken in as little as 1 hour and 1 minute.

What Are the Routes in The Transfer Process?

The transfer process, which will start from Antalya Airport, has the opportunity to follow all points between Antalya and Kemer. You can see on one side the magnificent green of the Taurus Mountains and on the other various colours of the sea blue. During the transfer process between these two natural wonders, you will pass through Antalya, Bahtılı and Göynük and reach to Kemer.

Quality of Service: Number One Transfer

Everyone wants to make a happy and peaceful start for their holiday. Having a good holiday is very related to the start of it. Number One Transfer; provides the best service so your holiday can pass as you wish, you can take a pleasant step and remember the best memories from the first day of your holiday. Our company provides you the comfort from the first moment with its years of experience, friendly working principle and transfer accuracy. Our company, which you will prefer for your Kemer VIP transfer service, works with the principles of trust, kindness and safety. Our transfer service, which you can request from us at the beginning or at the end of your holiday, helps to make enjoy the moments you have with your family or friends even better.

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