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Places of interest in Antalya

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Places of interest in Antalya

Places of interest in Antalya

When you have a holiday in Antalya, you don't have to limit yourself to beach life. There is much to see and do in and around Antalya. You can visit ancient cities such as Perge or Aspendos, take a boat trip along the beautiful coastline, participate in a jeep safari in the mountains or visit the Göynück canyon.

Hadrian's Gate

Antalya's historic city center has been adorned with Hadrian's Gate since the second century. The gate was then placed here as a tribute to the Roman emperor Hadrian. Although the gate was originally made of white marble and also has a floor on it, it is still a special piece of history that certainly deserves a visit.

Düden waterfalls

The beautiful Düden waterfalls are located about 10 to 12 kilometers from the city of Antalya. The green surroundings are ideal for beautiful walks. However, many visitors come for the Düden waterfalls. The higher Düden waterfall lets the water splash down about 28 meters. The cave behind the waterfall makes it possible to view it from behind the waterfall. Especially when the sun shines on the drops, you can take beautiful pictures. The lower Düden waterfall lets the water run down in stages. Here, too, the light plays beautifully through the trees. Eventually the water flows from the Taurus Mountains into the sea.

Bicycle tour with guide

Antalya is certainly not only all inclusive resorts with a sun-sea-beach holiday in prospect. The city on the Turkish Riviera offers besides a wonderful relaxing holiday also a rich history with beautiful sights. A fun way to discover this city is with a bike tour from Baja Bikes. During the 4-hour bike tour on an e-bike you will visit the most beautiful places accompanied by a guide. The bike tour starts from the Düden park and while you hear the waterfall in the background, cycle through the green park with breathtaking views of the sea. You cycle to the old center through the narrow streets and imagine yourself back in time with the city walls, wooden houses, Turkish baths, towers and mosques. Here you will visit the Atatürk museum and a traditional house museum. This fun tour includes a delicious pancake and Turkish tea.

Konyaalti Beach

The city of Antalya is richly endowed with beautiful beaches. A very popular beach of this seaside resort among locals is the more than three kilometers long Konyaalti Beach. The pebble beach is often visited for sunbathing, swimming or to kick a ball. In addition, you can participate in various activities every day. There are cozy restaurants and other beach bars in the immediate vicinity. There are considerably fewer hotels around the beach than in Lara, which means that Konyaalti Beach has largely preserved its original character.

The old center of Antalya

In the heart of the city, around the pleasant harbor and within the old city walls, you will find the old center of Antalya. Tradition has it that the city then called Attalea was founded some 150 years before the beginning of our era. The Greeks, Romans and Byzantines left their mark on the city in the centuries that followed. A small part of the buildings from that time is still part of the center. Most buildings, however, were built in the Middle Ages and during later periods. The fairly compact heart of the city is perfect for a wonderful discovery walk. Be guided not only by the buildings worth seeing

on the maps, but also stroll through the "normal" streets to fully absorb the atmosphere of old Antalya.


Hıdırlık Tower

In the Karaalioglu Park of Antalya, the Hıdırlık Tower is one of the most visited sights. It is even a symbol of the city. After all, it is one of the oldest historical monuments in Antalya. The Hıdırlık Kulesi is an old defense and watchtower on the coast of Antalya. The fourteen meter high tower was built in the shape of a cylinder in the second century. The tower is often visited for the phenomenal view that you get as a gift.

Atatürks House Museum

A stone's throw from the old center of Antalya is an old mansion where the founder of Turkey, Atatürk, lived for a while. Today this house is a free museum. You can admire some of Atatürk's personal objects, among other things. You can also see how a wealthy family lived in Antalya in the 1930s.

Yivli Minare Mosque

The minaret of the Yivli Minare mosque in Antalya towers high above the city. A mosque has stood at this prominent place in the city since the twelfth century. However, the current Yivli Minare mosque was not built until a century later. Residents of Antalya know the mosque better as Ulu Cami, which means little more than a large mosque. Enthusiasts can also take a look inside. The Yivli Minare mosque is accessible to everyone.

Antalya Museum

If you would like to learn more about the history of the Turks and the city of Antalya, we can recommend the Antalya Museum to you. The museum was founded in 1922 by Sülyman Fikri Erten. The Antalya Museum is divided into thirteen sections. More than twelve thousand archaeological finds are on display. In between are objects from antiquity, statues, sarcophagi, jewelry, coins and much more. The collection of Roman statues that you can see in the museum is impressive.

Karaalioglu Park

Immediately east of the center "Kaleiçi" is the beautifully landscaped Karaalioglu Park. From various benches and other places in the park, you have a particularly beautiful view over the Gulf of Antalya. Visitors like to come there to cool off, to find a quiet spot, to visit a playground or to view the historic tower. The Hıdırlık Kulesi tower is located at the Karaalioglu park. Other attractions of this park are the theater and sculptures of various artists.


The ancient city of Perge owes its popularity mainly to the many ancient ruins that you can visit there. Perge was the center of Pamphylia and therefore has a lot of history to share. During the fifth and sixth centuries, Perge was one of the most important cities in Christianity. The archaeological site includes an ancient theater, the Temple of Artemis, Roman baths, a city gate and a Palaestra. The city of Perge is located about fifteen kilometers east of Antalya.


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