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Vacation in Antalya

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Vacation in Antalya

Vacation in Antalya

About ten million tourists visit Antalya every year, making it Turkey's number one holiday destination. The city thus stays ahead of Istanbul, which receives around nine million guests annually. The number of people booking a holiday to Antalya is still increasing. Hence, new hotels continue to be built to meet the growing demand for accommodations. The Germans are the largest group of people visiting Antalya, with about 2.5 million holidaymakers per year. The numbers two and three are the Russians and the Dutch (!).

Where to spend the night?

If you want to spend a holiday in Antalya, you have many options when it comes to accommodations. You will also have to decide in which part of Antalya you want to stay. Most of the capacity of hotels can be found in the tourist district of Lara. that is where most holidays in Antalya are offered. The tour operators even offer Lara as a separate city / place, but in fact it is no more than a beach (Lara Beach) of Antalya that has grown into a tourist area where billions of Turkish liras are spent on holidays. Laar is located on the eastern side of Antalya, about half an hour's drive from the center.

Most hotels that you can book in Antalya from the Netherlands work with an all-inclusive or ultra all-inclusive formula. This means that all meals, drinks and often extra snacks in between and the minibar are included in the total price. Especially in Lara there are predominantly large all-inclusive resorts, from which the average tourist almost only comes off to visit the beach or to visit the shops behind the hotels. The pools and gardens of these hotels are often large and beautiful.

There are also several hotels in the Konyaalti district, but they are often less massive. These hotels are also not directly on the beach. This has two advantages: the open character that Konyaalti beach retains as a result and the often somewhat lower room rates for hotels located in Konyaalti.

If you really come for the city itself and want to taste the atmosphere of Antalya, it is best to book a hotel in Kaleici. This is the historic center of the city. There are no large-scale complexes here, but pleasant hotels that can be found in different price ranges and care levels. In the atmospheric streets you will find small-scale boutique hotels where you can really taste the atmosphere of the old city. For a romantic vacation (like a honeymoon) you should also consider Kaleici. The only downside is that you don't have big beaches here.


Antalya has several beaches. You hardly have a beach around the center of Antalya. Here it is mainly cliffs that dominate. Just south of the harbor there is a small beach: Mermerli Banyo. This is not a public beach, but a place where you have to pay to access it. There are sunbeds and umbrellas available.

Konyaalti Beach is located on the western side of Antalya. This is a pebble beach that stretches for miles along the western side of Antalya. The beach has many open areas where you can just lie down with your towel, but there are also beach bars that offer sun loungers on part of the beach. Konyaalti Beach is very popular among locals.

Tourists will mainly have to deal with Lara Beach. This beach has a length of about ten kilometers and consists mainly of sand. Lara Beach is located to the east of Antalya. The first part is a public beach with only limited facilities. This is the place where mainly local families can be found. After that there will be a part of the beach where (numbered) beach bars can be found. These places have everything to offer you a whole day at the beach. Then the hotel zone begins. Much of the beach here is taken up by zones intended for hotel guests. However, anyone who puts his / her towel away between or in front of these zones will not disturb anyone. The disadvantage is that a large part of the catering industry on / on the beach here is exclusively for hotel guests.

To book a vacation

There are several ways to book a holiday to Antalya / Lara. You can book individual airline tickets and hotel stays yourself, but it is often cheaper to book a package holiday. This applies in any case to all-inclusive holidays in the beach hotels. The nice boutique hotels in the center of Antalya are not always offered by travel companies. That's why it's better to book these types of hotels directly or through an intermediary such as booking.com or Expedia. You can book individual airline tickets to Antalya with both Transavia and TUI.

You can book package holidays to Antalya or Lara at TUI, Sunweb, Corendon or Prijsvrij. Make sure you book with a reliable travel organization, which is affiliated with the ANVR and the SGR.

If you want to have the better last minute deals to Antalya, keep an eye on the so-called deal sites. They specialize in the best holiday offers. For example, you can go to Turkey cheaply via Holiday Dealz or similar sites.

Food and drink

As an all-inclusive guest you will rarely or never eat out in Antalya. The all-inclusive hotels offer their guests breakfast, lunch and dinner. Often this is done in buffet form, but there are also quite a few hotels that offer (sometimes several) a al carte options. To make use of this, you almost always have to book in advance. In some cases you have to pay extra for a la carte dining. Often there is also something to snack at the pool.

In the case of Ultra All Inclusive (UAI), the content of the minibar is also included and there are often extensive options to eat and snack outside the usual meal times. Some hotels go so far as to pass the pool with carts with ice cream, watermelon and other treats.

At most all-in hotels drinks are included based on local drinks. Sometimes, but not always, you have to pay extra for international brands such as Bacardi rum and Gordon's Gin. As a beer, mainly Efes is tapped. You can consider this as the national beer of Turkey.


In the shops, shopping centers and bazaars at tourist centers such as Lara, mainly counterfeit branded products are sold. Think of clothing, underwear, shoes, bags, perfumes, watches and other items from internationally renowned top brands. These imitation products are cheap and often feature bold logos. The prices make it very attractive for many tourists to buy these types of products. Due to the large supply, it appears that it is a legal trade. We do not know exactly what it is like in Turkey (is it prohibited or tolerated). We do know that importing into the Netherlands is officially prohibited. At the moment, there is still a tolerance policy with regard to the import of these types of products, provided it is for personal use. There are clear limits, which can be found on the customs site.


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