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Best vacation Side tips & reviews

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HOMEPAGEBLOGBest vacation Side tips & reviews
Best vacation Side tips & reviews

Best vacation Side tips & reviews


When you think of a holiday in Side, you actually immediately think of luxury resorts and extensive beaches. Of course Side has all this, but the Turkish resort has a lot more to offer. The antique port city is about 16 km from Seleucia and is especially popular with tourists. Only 18,000 inhabitants live in the town itself, but this number doubles several times during the high season. Every year large numbers of tourists come to the port city for a sun holiday on the Mediterranean Sea.

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Most beautiful sights Side

Side is best known as the city with various excavations from ancient times. Unfortunately not everything has been well preserved due to fire and war in Turkey. Nevertheless, there are still sights worth visiting. Think of the Temple of Apollo and the theater. There are also a few Roman baths and a former hospital to admire. It is certainly worthwhile to take a walk through the ancient city. In fact, the Roman Theater is one of the best preserved Roman theaters.

When you think of a seaside resort in Turkey, you quickly think of a sun holiday, but the surroundings are also beautiful. A must to visit is the Green Canyon behind Side. The Green Canyon is a gigantic rock where one of the largest reservoirs in Turkey is built. The water in the reservoir is green and therefore the place has been nicknamed Green Canyon. It is possible to take a boat trip in this beautiful area. In the distance you can see the Taurus Mountains during the boat trip. Another place you should visit is Manavgat waterfalls north of Side. The falls here are not very high, but they are wide and are beautiful to see.

The most beautiful beaches

Most tourists book a Side holiday for the sun. On the west side of the city you will find a beautiful wide sandy beach. The beach is perfect for a family holiday as the sea slopes gently. The children can therefore play in the water without actually swimming. For water lovers, there is also a beach park at the beach. You can go here for extra water fun. On the east side you will find a somewhat quieter beach and here you will find a lot less resort and tourists. Especially the end of the beach in the sea has to do with this. The water drains away quite quickly here, making it much less pleasant for children to play here. The sunset on the west side is also much more beautiful to watch.

A beautiful walking promenade has been created along the beach (s) of Side. You will find various shops, restaurants and cafes here. In addition to the new center along the beach, there is another old center in the city. You will find even more unique shops here. There is also a weekly market on the east side of the city.


Best time to travel to Side

Side is a real holiday destination for the spring and summer. This is mainly because the temperatures between December and December do not exceed 20 degrees. From April the temperatures start to shoot up and from May to October you can enjoy the sun here. You do have to take into account that April and October can be a bit rainier than the other months, but that is nothing compared to what falls here. If you want guaranteed sun and no rain, the months of May to September are an absolute must with temperatures between 25 and 32 degrees and no rain.


Practical information Side

  • Side does not have an airport itself, so you have to land at the airport of Alanya or Antalya. The best choice of these two is Antalya as it is bigger and closer. From here it is about 70km to travel
  • Note that you have to pay with the New Turkish Lira. Always have some Turkish lira with you when you arrive. This way you can at least buy something if there is no ATM available.
  • When traveling to Turkey, make sure your diphtheria, polio, typhoid and tetanus vaccinations are in order. You can find your vaccinations in your vaccination booklet.
  • Since March 2, 2020, it is no longer necessary to travel with a visa to Turkey. However, your passport or ID must be valid for at least 6 months upon arrival. So pay attention to this in advance!
  • Turkey is an Islamic country which means that some things are slightly different than in the Netherlands. Nudism, for example, is prohibited and you will have to be careful when you dress naked. The most important thing is to show some respect to the culture and the people.
  • It is very normal to undergo in Turkey when you buy something from a market or shop. So don't be ashamed and play along. It's a lot of fun and you will see that the sellers are very passionate about it.

Side experiences & reviews

In the Side experiences we read a lot of positive experiences about hotels and accommodations on the Turkish Riviera. But according to the Side reviews, it is also highly recommended to visit the antique port city yourself. The hospitable people receive you with open arms while you admire beautiful sights. There are also various activities to be undertaken in the city itself. You can also enjoy delicious local dishes in a Turkish restaurant.

A holiday in Side mainly means if you want to enjoy the sun, sea and do nothing at all. Most holidaymakers enjoy relatively luxurious hotels for the money they pay. The majority of the hotels are on an All inclusive basis, which means that you are on holiday completely cared for. Ideal if you really don't want to do anything at all. Get free food & drinks throughout the day, enjoy the delicious food and get an ice cream all day long to cool off.        


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