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Best holiday Kusadasi tips & reviews

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HOMEPAGEBLOGBest holiday Kusadasi tips & reviews
Best holiday Kusadasi tips & reviews

Best holiday Kusadasi tips & reviews

A holiday Kusadasi is a wonderful alternative to the overcrowded seaside resorts on the Turkish Riviera. The seaside resort on the Aegean Sea is designed for tourists, but feels a lot quieter than the mass tourism resorts in Turkey. For example, honor is not a crack street or young people partying. A holiday Kusadasi is the perfect destination for anyone who just wants to enjoy the sun and do nothing at all.

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  • Sightseeing holiday Kusadasi

The center of Kusadasi is definitely a must to visit. It is a nice mix between shops especially for tourists to authentic tea houses and old buildings. The narrow streets are great for just strolling through. There is of course also a bazaar where many counterfeit products are sold to tourists.

Do you love excavations from the Greek era? Then you are in the right place in Kusadasi. There are several excavations and ruins to visit nearby. The temples of Aphrodite and Artemis are extra special. The taxi can take you here if necessary.

If you have a rental car, we recommend that you visit the historic excavations of Ephesus. This old town is located outside of Kusadasi, but is easily accessible by car. The excavations that have been done here are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a popular attraction in the region and is known as the best-preserved site in Turkey.

The most beautiful beaches of Kusadasi

A number of beaches in the Kusadasi area are specially reserved for hotels and resorts. But there are also a few beautiful public beaches that you can visit. A beach near the center is Ladies Beach and is also accessible to men. In the summer months, this beach is a favorite with families. Along the beach is a pleasant boulevard where you can stroll past shops and restaurants. From your own hotel you can get to Ladies Beach with the Dolmus.

A favorite with the locals is Long Beach. This officially consists of a number of small beaches that have been combined into one beach. From the beach you have a beautiful view of the Greek island of Samos. You will also find several hotels, but the beach is mainly visited by the locals.

Activities Kusadasi

Highly recommended is a boat trip to Pigeon Island. This island was intended as a resting place for birds that are breeding. Today the island is connected to the mainland by a dam. So you can just walk there. On the island you can visit an old fort and there is an old Ottoman city wall around the island.

Do you love nature? Then you can drive to Milli Park by rental car. This is a national park 30 km from Kusadasi. You can take a walk here through a mountainous landscape. You will also find several rivers, gorges and waterfalls. Do you want to see more of nature? Book a jeep safari here. You go

with a ranger in search of various wild animals that reside in this nature park. One of the animals you can encounter here is the Anatolian cheetah. Part of the National Park is located on the coast. You can swim here and enjoy the sun. The coast of the nature park is also known for the wild dolphins. With a bit of luck you can spot them during your visit. Excursions to this natural park are also organized from various hotels in Kusadasi.

Would you like to visit a water park with your family during your Kusadasi holiday? Kusadasi has a total of 4 water parks to choose from. You can visit: Adaland, Tortuga Pirate Island, Aqua Fantasy Park and Yagmur Aquapark. Some water parks are officially part of a resort. But even if you come outside the resort you can visit the water park. The only difference with the hotel guests is that you pay an entrance fee for a day of fun in the water park.

Best time to visit Kusadasi

The best time to travel to Kusadasi is from April to November. In Turkey, temperatures start to rise quite early in the year. From April, the average temperature is already 23 degrees. In August it is an average of 34 degrees and you should not be surprised when it gets 40 degrees. In September it is still an average of 30 degrees. In October you can still swim with an average of 26 degrees. From April to November there is also relatively little rainfall. So you don't have to be afraid of a rain shower. However, peak season can be a bit busy and incredibly hot. Because of this, we advise to travel to Kusadasi in June or September.

Fly to Kusadasi

The nearest airport is Adnan Mederes. This airport is located in Izmir and is 70 km from Kusadasi. From the airport you can take a taxi or you can rent a car. Your rental car can be set up at the airport and you can drive to your resort or hotel yourself. In high season, a few airlines fly directly to Izmir from Amsterdam. You can choose from flights from Turkish Airlines, Pegasus and Corendon.

Practical tips Kusadasi

  • If you go to the center of Kusadasi, buy a delicious cup of coffee or tea. Firstly, it is super tasty, but you also really get to know the locals
  • Do you love saunas then you should definitely do a Haman in Turkey. First you sit in a warm room, after which you are washed and scrubbed with lots of soap. Also in Kusadasi there are plenty of hotels where they have a wellness where they offer this.
  • Not far from Kusadasi is the Greek island of Samos. Super fun to go by boat!
  • Don't forget that in Turkey they pay with the Turkish lira!
  • Kusadasi is full of beautiful sights. It is a larger center, so I recommend that you wear walking shoes.
  • If you are going to eat then you should eat mezze. These are all kinds of small dishes that you can enjoy with a drink, for example.
  • If you are in Kusadasi then you should of course visit a bazaar. The Grand Bazaar is certainly the best to visit.

Kusadasi reviews & experiences

The Kusadasi reviews are very positive about the good all inclusive hotels with beach facilities. But the resort is really more than that. For example, the pleasant boulevard is an absolute plus for the holiday. You will find cozy terraces here where you can relax in the evening. Many travelers are also very pleased with the area. You can book many excursions from Kusadasis.

Of many seaside resorts, Kusadasi is really a seaside resort to go with your children. For example, many playgrounds can be found on the boulevard. Which is of course extra fun for the children. It is also a lot quieter than destinations such as Alanya and Antalya. In short, an ideal beach holiday if you want to have a lot of facilities, but do not want to be immersed in the masses immediately.

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