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1 Persons

Baby/Child Seat


Private TaxiPrivate Taxi
Private Taxi/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 2 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 3 Luggages
Private MinivanPrivate Minivan
Private Minivan/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 6 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 6 Luggages
Private SprinterPrivate Sprinter
Private Sprinter/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 13 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 13 Luggages
Premıum  V ClassPremıum  V Class
Premıum V Class/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 4 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 4 Luggages
Premium MinivanPremium Minivan
Premium Minivan/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 10 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 10 Luggages
Mercedes E ClassMercedes E Class
Mercedes E Class/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 3 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 3 Luggages
Mercedes S ClassMercedes S Class
Mercedes S Class/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 3 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 3 Luggages

Beldibi - Antalya Airport Transfer

As Number One Transfer company, we are happy to provide you the Antalya Airport Beldibi transfer service. One of the most important airports in Turkey's tourist district is Antalya Airport and we provide transfer service to Beldibi which is a district in Kemer. Our Beldibi airport transfer service is based on the principles of customer satisfaction and comfort.We have put together the details of this enjoyable trip for you in this article.

As it is known, Beldibi is one of the unique regions of the Mediterranean which must be seen.Thanks to its natural formations such as Beldibi Cave and Beldibi Rock Shelter, it provides a very rich holiday opportunity for sea tourism.

What is the distance Between Antalya Airport and Beldibi?

The pleasant journey which we will take together takes approximately 44 minutes. During this time, we will move from the center of Antalya to the west and then to the south.As we head south, the vast blue of the Mediterranean will accompany us.

We will cover 42.8 km in total during our Antalya Airport Beldibi transfer process. We offer the most suitable vehicles to make this journey comfortable and peaceful for you.

Which Routes Will Be Used During Antalya Airport - Beldibi Transfer?

We will have the opportunity to see the city center of Antalya on the route where we will make our journey. After exiting the airport, we will leave the city center and go over the Göksü Stream while heading west. Then our journey will continue to the south. In the south we will pass over the Çandır Stream and go down to the seashore.After a short time, our journey will end in Beldibi which has the unique beauty of Kemer neighbourhood.

What kind of vehicles do we use for Antalya Airport - Beldibi Transfer?

As Number One Transfer, our priority is to transport you to your destination in the most comfortable way, regardless of the duration of the journey or the route. We take care to establish our fleet with the most advanced, technologic and trustable vehicles.

The capacities of the vehicles we use in the Antalya Airport Beldibi transfer process are as follows;

  • • 1-3 Persons, 3 Suitcases Capacity
  • • 1-6 Persons, 6 suitcases capacity
  • • 1-13 Persons, 13 suitcases capacity

Apart from these vehicles, we have also another option for Beldibi VIP transfer and the capacity of our minibus is 1-10 Persons and 10 suitcases.

As Number One Transfer ...

We have been working since 2003 to transport our passengers safely and comfortably to their destination. We will be glad to serve you today and in the future as well with our Beldibi Airport transfer service which is based on customer satisfaction, safety and comfort principles.

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