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Transfer Direction


Transfer Point


1 Persons

Baby/Child Seat


Private Taxi
Private Taxi/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 2 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 3 Luggages
Private Minivan
Private Minivan/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 6 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 6 Luggages
Private Sprinter
Private Sprinter/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 13 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 13 Luggages
Premium Minivan
Premium Minivan/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 10 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 10 Luggages
Mercedes E Class
Mercedes E Class/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 3 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 3 Luggages
Mercedes S Class
Mercedes S Class/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 3 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 3 Luggages

Antalya (city center) - Antalya Airport Transfer

The rapid flow of time felt by people around the world, also causes them having some thoughts on their journey from one point to another. Especially when traveling between cities, the most important point is not to waste time. Our Antalya airport transfer company, which has been providing solution for your time-wasting problem for many years, provides a comfortable transfer service wherever you want to go.

Whether you are on a business trip or a family trip, we welcome you as soon as you land to the airport. With our wide range of vehicles and models, you will feel the comfort you dream of. All the vehicles we provide for your transfer are private. So, there is no question of traveling with other families. Thanks to our first-class seats, comfortable interior-exterior design, spacious interior, technological design, you will not understand how the transfer ended and you reached to your destination.

Antalya Airport Transfer

It is now very easy to travel with air-conditioned vehicles in summer and winter without the feeling overwhelming weather. You can reach the Antalya city center in a short time by contacting us 24/7 without any notice..

The transfer from Antalya airport to Antalya city center takes approximately 20 minutes. During your travel along the 15-kilometer road, you can listen to music or watch television or use the internet. So even if it's a short trip, you won't waste time for reading your e-mails.

We provide a comfortable transportation from 7 to 70 with our professional colleagues for many years. If you are also bored of the discomfort and overwhelming congestion caused by public transport, you can contact us.

Antalya VIP Transfer

With our extraordinary Antalya VIP Transfer service, we bring the future transportation options of the to you. Thanks to our drivers who can drive the best route safely and quickly, you won't need to worry about getting lost.

Another nice thing about the VIP transfer is, that there is closed partition between the driver and the passenger. In this way, you can chat and have a business talk comfortably. Our company, which will save you time with its reasonable prices, offers many equipments from satellite broadcasting to mini fridge. On the other hand, our vehicles, which are constantly disinfected, do not host any dust and dirt in the interior area.

You are in the right place to witness the beauties of Antalya in a short time and to make a high-level journey at affordable prices. You can call us for high quality and smiling service.

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